What If The Navy Yard Was the site of Bizarre Human Testing?

High school students create a parallel history in the Navy Yard

Myth Makers by Paul Bowers

When Junius Wright and his students sit down to write, it is utterly silent at the Navy Yard except for the scratch of pencils on paper, the whisper of dying shrubs in the November wind, and the occasional clank of steel from Detyens Shipyards. The students are rewriting history, and the new version is a bit surreal.

The students are spread out on the graying asphalt near an empty building with a collapsed roof. On an exterior wall near the entrance, a plaque explains what happened at the site: "The machine shop, which formerly belonged to Project Wildfire, was used for shelter by a small group of Event survivors. Documents recovered from this and other locations around the base lead Scribes to believe that this group included at least two of the Afward children, Dr. Elias Nines, and a mechanic from the shop."
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The Noisette Company warns that it is unsafe to go inside many of the Navy Yard buildings due to structural damage, asbestos, lead paint, and copper thieves.
Please do not enter any of the buildings!

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Eames Demetrios inspires students to create their own world

The Event

Posted by Erica Jackson Curran on Thu, May 26, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Los Angeles-based artist Eames Demetrios will be in town this weekend to launch the local branch of his exhibitKcymaerxthaere, but this isn’t his first time in the Lowcountry. In February, he visited the Academic Magnet High School in North Charleston to share his 3-D storytelling methods with the Scribes, a group of creative writing students taught by Junius Wright.

Inspired by the artist, the students created their own “Event” in the abandoned Naval Yard. They installed markers throughout the area detailing fictional histories about the buildings leading up to the event that resulted in their abandonment. Visitors can view the markers and also use QR codes on various buildings that will lead them to a website with photographs of additional markers, stories, and more info on the project.

And don’t miss the chance to see the work of the artist who inspired it all this week. Demetrios will install three markers around Charleston and his work will be featured at the Halsey Institute starting May 26. He’ll host an artist talk at the Old City Jail on Sat. May 28 at 4 p.m., as well as a plaque unveiling at sea later that day at 7 p.m. There will be a nominal fee to attend the plaque unveiling event, which will depart from 10 Wharfside St.

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Academic Magnet Writing Students
Create Three Dimensional Stories for the Naval Shipyard

Visitors to the abandoned Naval Shipyard in North Charleston, S.C. may be surprised to find metal historical markers detailing fictitious histories attached to abandoned buildings in the shipyard. These markers chronicle stories discovered and written by The Scribes, a group of creative writing students taught by Junius Wright at the Academic Magnet High School. All of the stories refer to what the Scribes call “The Event” an occurrence of an unspecified nature which led to the abandonment of the structures in the shipyard. Each marker summarizes a story that was “discovered” and recorded by a project Scribe after they visited the site.
In addition to reading the markers, visitors can also use their smart phones to read numerous Quick Response (QR) bar codes posted on landmarks and buildings. When scanned, the QR code connects the visitor to a specific page on the 3DSP website ( where images of additional markers and stories are posted. Also posted on the project web page is information on how to download the QR app, a map of the sites, and additional information about the project.

3DSP was inspired by Eames Demetrios' global work of three dimensional storytelling known as Kcymaerxthaere. In February, Demetrios visited the Academic Magnet High School and shared his three dimensional storytelling methods with students. At the end of May, Demetrios' will install three of his Kcymaerxthaere markers in Charleston and his work will be featured at the Halsey InstituteMay 27-July 15. Visit Demetrios’ Kcymaerxthaere site to discover more about his intriguing parallel world at (

Junius Wright
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